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The Trouble With Love

Susannah Quinn, a rule following small town deputy tangles with D. E. Hogan, a rule-breaking FBI Special Agent in an undercover caper that will tickle your funny bone.

Published a chapter a month by, Joan’s latest romantic comedy will add some love and laughter to your life.

With each new chapter, Joan adds song to the soundtrack she has created. Just scroll to the bottom and click play.

If you want to hear the soundtrack while you read the chapter over at, just open the chapter then open a new tab here on the blog and click play.

This new romantic comedy serial began in March 2009 and concludes in October 2010. Don’t miss a single chapter. Visit and tell your friends too!

Moonlight On Snow: A Love Story

This romantic comedy by Joan Reeves was published as a serial novel by in 2008, and it’s still available to read free online.

Research botanist Haley Gant, stuck in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana, thinks her wild child sister plans to send a male stripper to commemorate Haley’s 30th birthday. When Jeff Talent shows up on her doorstep, she immediately concludes he’s her sister’s birthday gift, not the new head bean counter for the corporation funding her research. Even the frigid Montana winter can’t suppress the heat between these two.

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