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Memory Lane by Lucille Dickinson Ainsworth and Joan Ainsworth Reeves

This book is my mother’s memoir which I edited and helped her write. I hope you enjoy reading the story behind the story. I spent the better part of last year working with Mom as I helped her write her stories after which I edited them. This labor of love was my special Christmas present to her.

Who Will Enjoy This Book

I think the audience for my mom’s book is actually greater than one might suppose. Of course, those of my mother’s generation who lived through the Great Depression will want to read it for the shared nostalgia. So if you’re looking for a gift for an older American, perhaps grandparents, it’ll be the perfect holiday gift.

For anyone interested in early twentieth century life, especially as lived by ordinary people in small towns and rural America, Memory Lane will be a resource to treasure. If you’re a teacher or a writer, this book will help you understand life during that long ago era.

About The Book

My mother was born to parents who themselves were born in the 1880′s so she has a unique perspective which she brings to her writing with stories about outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the Long political dynasty, life without electricity and running water, butchering and curing your own meat, home remedies for people and animals, and celebrating holidays when times were hard.

Memory Lane describes a woman’s lot in life when washday involved building a fire outside and hanging a big black iron pot over it. From the Roaring Twenties, to the New Millennium, my mom Lucille Dickinson Ainsworth, has experienced it all.

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