Technology Says I Love You


Next week is Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate love and all the goodness that love brings to your life. Now is the time to be shopping for a present for your sweetheart.

Today I’m giving you some gift suggestions — ways to use technology to express your loving sentiments. You probably think I’m going to suggest ordering chocolates or flowers online, but that’s too simple.

Let’s broaden our horizons and find different ways to use technology to express your love for your Valentine with technology gifts, and I don’t mean the usual “buy an iPod or camera” advice. These gifts are relatively inexpensive, super useful, and show that you have your sweetheart’s best interests in mind.

Outlet Man Surge Protector

A surge protector shaped like a guy. This grounded multi-outlet with circuit breaker switch holds up to 4 adapters of almost any size. On/off indicator light tells you when the limbs are receiving power. Sold by Kim Komando for $24.95, this useful and whimsical gadget is great for a guy or a girl.

RFID Protection for Guys and Girls

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips are now found in many devices. Many newly issued credit cards now include this kind of communication chip with your personal information stored on it. Data on the card can be read from a distance, and the bad guys know this. Protect the private data stored on your cards by putting them in an RFID blocking wallet.

For men, here’s the RFID Blocking Wallet sold by Kim Komando for $29.95.

For women, here’s aCard Sleeve for your purse that does the same thing. This one sells for $9.95.

Mouse Hand Warmer

Do you know how cold your hands get in the winter? Especially your mouse hand. Select one of these mouse hand warmers, and you won’t have that problem anymore.

Takeaway Truth

Technology gifts not only say I love you but also they say I want to help you live better.

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