Dog Life Jackets? Yes!


The ongoing recession has seen many dogs abandoned. Unable to be adopted, they’re cruelly left to fend for themselves. Orange Dog, a Canadian charity, is rescuing these pets from California and flying them to Canada for adoption. You can support this operation and help fund them by purchasing an item like dog life jackets from the store on their website.

Why Orange?

Orange is the official color of dog rescue, and all profits from Orange Dog go to pet rescue. Their website store is filled with unique pet products like their flotation devices for dogs. These life jackets are perfect for the four-legged friend who goes boating with his or her master.

After all, even though dogs can swim, and love to do so, a capsized boat or an accident in a stormy sea, or a placid lake, might result in your dog swimming until overwhelmed with exhaustion. No animal can swim endlessly. Why not protect your furry friend?

Takeaway Truth

Dogs give unconditional love. Honor these loyal, loving animals by supporting rescue groups.

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