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When you first get your Kindle set up, you’re ready to read. You don’t have to wait to use it, but you may want to immediately take these tips to protect your new toy. Some may call this accessorizing the Kindle, but this goes beyond pimping out a Kindle. This is about protecting the handy little gadget.

Must Have

ClearTouch Anti-Glare Screen Protector will keep your Kindle screen from getting scratched. You know, the kind of clear protective cling you place on a SmartPhone to keep it from getting scratched. I’ve included a link, but you can search Amazon or Google for retailers who sell these if you want to shop around.

Silicone Skin Case Gel Clear Cover will protect your Kindle from bumps, bruises, and other mishaps when you toss it in your purse or backpack. Or even drop it occasionally. It also provides a non-slippery surface so I can prop it up just about anywhere, and it stays in place.

These come in colors and clear. I first bought a mint green one first. Then, my daughter, ever the artist, ordered a design skin and installed it when I wasn’t looking. So I replaced the green silicone cover with a clear one so I could see the pretty design.

GelaSkins Protective Kindle Skin are decorative vinyl skins like the one my daughter gave me. You just peel the vinyl off the paper and stick them on the appropriate hard surface area of the Kindle.

There are fancy leather covers, but the silicone cover works better for the way I use my Kindle, and the way I haul it around.

Next time I’ll list a couple of more accessories you might need for complete round the clock Kindle reading – any time, anywhere.

I love my Kindle. Want your own Kindle? Just click here.

Takeaway Truth

Kindle makes reading possible – any time, anywhere!

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